This varies. We have seen results as quickly as 2-3 weeks (this was rare though, and the results fluctuated) and we have also seen results after 3-5 months for other websites.

These are common factors that affect the time it takes to get SEO results:

  • Previous SEO work on your website: if your website is brand new, or your previous SEO agency has done more harm than good to your rankings, then it will take 3-5+ months for Google to change their perspective about the overall quality of your website and start ranking you higher in search results.
    If you had other SEO agencies working on your website and you were not ranking, that’s a good indicator that they have done more harm than good. A lot of the initial work will be cleaning up the mess and trying to tell Google that your website will turn good.
  • Competition in your industry: your competitors definitely are not sitting still. They are working on marketing as well and may have had years ahead of you.
  • Quality of your domain name and hosting: if you purchased a domain name that had a bad reputation (eg spammy content), or if your current web hosting is slow, it will some time to clean this up, especially the issue with your domain name.
  • Your contribution to the content: no SEO agency knows the industry as well as you do. It will take time for us to read and learn about your industry. You, as the industry expert, can help us create good content much faster.

SEO is a long-term investment, not a quick win. For quicker results, we recommend trying out Google Ads in the meantime.