We have different SEO packages with tailored pricing to suit your needs and budget. Generally pricing for our SEO services including our SEO web app starts from $890 per month per service.

Think of each service as a “topic” that your business will cover. For example, if you are a car repairer, then “car repair” is one service. Or, if you are an electrician, then “electrician” is one service. All services that are part of “car repair” are also part of it and included in the price, eg. “car battery replacement” is part of “car repair” service.

We do not charge per keyword like other traditional SEO agencies.

Since Google’s Hummingbird update in 2013, and RankBrain update in 2015, Google has shifted focus on topics rather than keywords. Our SEO strategies are designed to cover each topic where you can have as many keywords within the topic as you would like to.