Marketing & SEO Software For Computer Repair Business

Our software helps you do digital marketing and local SEO for your computer repair business like a Pro. Follow an easy workflow to create a fully optimized website that ranks high in Google searches without hiring a marketing agency.

Easy SEO For Computer Repair Businesses

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With our SEO software, you can do marketing and local SEO for your computer repair business like a Pro, at your own pace, without hiring a marketing agency.

It is not difficult to rank high on Google for computer repair businesses. It takes certain steps (workflow) to follow to achieve high organic rankings on Google for important keywords such as “computer repair”.

Why Traditional Marketing & SEO Agencies Are Not The Best Option For Your Computer Repair Business

With traditional SEO agency firms, you will start by giving them your current website (which presumably is not ranking well hence you’re looking to improve its ranking). Typically the SEO agency does not have a deep understanding of the computer repair industry because they are not computer IT experts!

Then, the agency will start learning about your computer repair business, the computer industry, and its tech jargon. They then start optimizing your website for it to rank.

There is a problem with this process. It takes months to get results and is never guaranteed to actually work. Because there is no guarantee that the agency will understand the computer industry as well as you do. And, they have many clients in different industries.

We Understand The Computer Repair Industry

We run a computer repair business ourselves – Safemode Computer Service. With over 15 years of inside industry knowledge, we have a deep understanding of the computer repair business.

We have hired external SEO agencies in the past who never delivered what they had promised.

Eventually, our team built our own in-house SEO software for ourselves and we have managed to rank in the top 3 spots for many highly competitive keywords (eg “computer repair”). Plus, we rank in the top 10 for almost 70 more keywords.

Note: We have a main domain name and a subdomain name, rankings for both domains are tracked separately.

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Our SEO software can help your computer repair business too.

You’ll Start With a Fully Optimized Computer Repair Website

Instead of trying to optimize your current website to make it rank, we’ve pre-built a structured, fully optimized computer repair business website for you to start with. Then, we’ll work backward from there to customize the content with your business’s details.

This way, we know for sure from the start that it works.

Easy SEO Workflow to Follow

There are certain off-page and on-page SEO steps that you need to follow to rank on Google. This includes listing your business to certain websites, implementing internal linkings, and writing certain types of content.

We have designed the workflow for you to follow at your own pace, without hiring a marketing agency. There are easy templates for you to follow.

Technical SEO? It’s Already Done

Technical SEO includes optimizing headings, images, keyword density, internal linking, and website structure.

Though this process is not difficult, it is time-consuming.

By starting with a fully optimized website, you will work with an existing website structure with internal linking already in place.

You can simply write your own content and don’t need to worry about technical SEO.

Our software has already taken care of the technical SEO aspects of the site. Landing pages are already created and optimized for Google while focused on converting visitors to customers.

Proven Website SEO Model For Computer Repair Businesses

As a computer repair business, you may have a physical location where customers visit you. Or, it might be that you only provide onsite computer services to locals.

Sometimes, you might do both.

We understand this process because our own computer repair business provides both types of services to our customers.

Either way, there are certain SEO tactics that need to be implemented for you to rank high on Google.

By working from a known working website model that has already ranked well on Google, we know for certain that your website will be able to rank if you follow the same steps as we did.

Rank On Google Without a Big Budget

Since Google has banned all third-party tech support ads, your chance of ranking on Google is only through SEO. Big companies have the budget to hire a dedicated marketing team while you don’t.

The good news is that you can compete on rankings with them by leveraging our SEO software (plus our help). Software and automation will help you grow your computer repair business’s online presence.

Let’s get started today.

Our Differences

Traditional Marketing Firms

  • Work with businesses in different industries They’re not familiar with computer repair businesses

  • Try to optimize your website to a state where it’s good to rank on Google
  • Slower results as they can only allocate a fixed number of hours per month for your website
  • Results are inconsistent because they work with different websites in different industries
  • Rely on human labour for technical SEO leading to higher costs, slower delivery

Beyond CMS

  • We specialize in marketing and SEO for local computer repair businesses

  • You’ll start with a pre-built, fully optimized website then customize with your content instead

  • Faster results as we’ve pre-designed SEO workflow for you to start right now, anytime

  • More consistent results with SEO workflow that is proven to work for computer repair businesses

  • We leverage software for technical SEO, resulting in lower, more predictable costs, and faster results

Questions? Find The Answers

Still have questions? Call or send us a message.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in general is the process of optimizing a website to improve its rankings in Google’s organic search results (also known as SERP).

Local SEO is an SEO strategy focused on optimizing a website to increase its visibility in local search results. It involves creating content, optimizing the content and structure, as well as building local citations and backlinks to improve its ranking in SERPs for location-specific queries.

Examples of location-specific search queries are: “computer repair in Liverpool”, or “computer repairs near me”.

Since Google has banned all third-party tech support ads globally, organic ranking is the only option for computer repair businesses to compete online.

To rank on Google’s organic search results, you will need SEO.

Instead of trying to optimize your website to rank on Google, we’ll give you a pre-built, fully optimized computer repair business website that is known to rank on Google. All technical on-page SEO has already been completed on this site.

We’ll then guide you to replace some of the content to match your business’s details (eg business name, location, your service areas, etc).

Then, you can either:

  • Replace your website entirely with our fully optimized website, or
  • Make our site a subdomain such as and link to this subdomain from your homepage.

Google will automatically recognize that this subdomain is part of your website.

We’ll also guide you to do off-page SEO such as creating business listings on Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages. You may have already done this.

Yes, with our guidance. We will give you a content template to follow, simply paraphrase the content to create your own content.

For example, you will be asked to write a 60-word introduction about your business and why customers should choose you. You will be asked to write 300 words about a service that you provide such as Apple computer repair services.

Don’t worry if you’re not a good writer. You’ll have samples to follow and you can also use AI to help write the content under your supervision.

You can also add new content with your own industry expertise to make it even better.

Duplicating the content completely will not do well with Google.

This varies significantly depending on the current state of your website and how much time you’ll spend working on your website.

Google has said that it would take 4 months to a year to start seeing results. This is usually true for websites that are just starting out.

If your website is already ranking on Google but somewhat low, you’ll see results faster.

You can help make it faster by spending more time working on creating content for your website.

Yes. If you do not have time to write content yourself, we can provide SEO services at an additional cost to your plan. Please send us a message.

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