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SEO For Service Businesses

We create content for cities, services, brands, and models that you service. Thorough content helps you rank better on Google.

Content Is King

We combine SEO expertise with the power of software to create content and grow your service business’ online presence.

We get results faster with technology

Proven SEO Strategies for Australian Service Business

Content For Cities You Service

We’ll create content for cities that you service. This helps customers find you when they search for services in their locations.

SEO Ready Content

Each page is optimized with headings, reviews, call-to-action, images, internal links, keywords, and many more to rank high in search results.

For Australian Service Business

Our SEO services are tailored specifically for Australian service providers: repairers, tradies, removalists, etc.

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Content For Cities You Service

Without content, you simply cannot rank on Google. We’ll create unique content for cities that you provide services to. When customers search for [your service] [city], they’ll find you.

“The more pages you have in the Google index, the more your content may show up in search results.”

Content For Cities, Services, Brands, Models

More Content Help Drive More Traffic and Sales With SEO

We’ll create content for every service that you provide. When customers search for the services, they’ll find you.

Thorough content helps you rank better

We’ll create content for every brand and model that you service. When customers search for services for a particular brand and model, they’ll find you.

Customers will always want to know if you service a particular brand or model

We Understand Service Businesses

Coming from a service business background, we understand the needs of service businesses in Australia. Our SEO digital marketers work with our in-house software engineer to build SEO tools that help your service business.

Strategic SEO Marketing Design & Implementation

  • Content for cities that you service

  • Content for every service that you provide
  • Content for every brand, model that you service
  • All on-page technical SEO are taken care of
  • Keyword, competitor analysis
  • Traffic and ranking monitoring

  • Proven SEO strategic content for service businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for SEO services?2023-04-11T21:01:54+10:00

We have different SEO packages with tailored pricing to suit your needs and budget. Generally pricing for our SEO services including our SEO web app starts from $890 per month per service.

Think of each service as a “topic” that your business will cover. For example, if you are a car repairer, then “car repair” is one service. Or, if you are an electrician, then “electrician” is one service. All services that are part of “car repair” are also part of it and included in the price, eg. “car battery replacement” is part of “car repair” service.

We do not charge per keyword like other traditional SEO agencies.

Since Google’s Hummingbird update in 2013, and RankBrain update in 2015, Google has shifted focus on topics rather than keywords. Our SEO strategies are designed to cover each topic where you can have as many keywords within the topic as you would like to.

How long does it take to get results for my SEO campaign?2023-04-11T21:33:58+10:00

This varies. We have seen results as quickly as 2-3 weeks (this was rare though, and the results fluctuated) and we have also seen results after 3-5 months for other websites.

These are common factors that affect the time it takes to get SEO results:

  • Previous SEO work on your website: if your website is brand new, or your previous SEO agency has done more harm than good to your rankings, then it will take 3-5+ months for Google to change their perspective about the overall quality of your website and start ranking you higher in search results.
    If you had other SEO agencies working on your website and you were not ranking, that’s a good indicator that they have done more harm than good. A lot of the initial work will be cleaning up the mess and trying to tell Google that your website will turn good.
  • Competition in your industry: your competitors definitely are not sitting still. They are working on marketing as well and may have had years ahead of you.
  • Quality of your domain name and hosting: if you purchased a domain name that had a bad reputation (eg spammy content), or if your current web hosting is slow, it will some time to clean this up, especially the issue with your domain name.
  • Your contribution to the content: no SEO agency knows the industry as well as you do. It will take time for us to read and learn about your industry. You, as the industry expert, can help us create good content much faster.

SEO is a long-term investment, not a quick win. For quicker results, we recommend trying out Google Ads in the meantime.

How do I rank on Google when customers search for “[my services] in [city]”?2023-04-11T20:58:22+10:00

SEO helps to rank your website high overall on Google and other search engines for competitive search terms (known fat head keywords) such as “electricians”, “real estate agents” by creating content around these keywords.

To rank for “[my services] in [city], eg “mechanics in Sydney”, or “plumbers in Parramatta”, or “car repairs near me” (known as long-tail keywords), you will also need to also somehow tell searchers and Google that you provide services to the locations. A good way to do this is by creating unique, meaningful content for each location. This means creating a large amount of content to cover every location that you can provide services to and making sure that all of those pages are optimized to rank high on Google. That’s a lot of work.

This strategy is not the only way to achieve the results, but it is extremely popular among service providers.

Good to know: While fat head keywords are highly competitive and hard to rank for, they do not always convert to sales. Long-tail keywords such as location-based search terms have lower monthly search volumes but they are less competitive and have a much higher purchase intent. As a service provider, you should go after long-tail keywords first.

Is SEO suitable for my service business?2023-04-11T21:37:33+10:00

While the answer is most likely Yes, we suggest doing a keyword analysis before saying so.

A good way to find out yourself is to do searches for keywords that you think your customers might be doing. Then, see if your competitors are competing for the top spots in search results. If they are, chances they are investing in growing their online presence.

However, there is a small chance that monthly search volumes are low (or none at all) for your industry. In this case, it might not be worthwhile investing in building an online presence for your business and you should focus on other channels instead (eg. Direct sales). We can dig deeper and conduct a keyword analysis to find out monthly search volumes, and competitor analysis to see how competitive it is in your industry.

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